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Running Agenda on the Palmtop
Running Agenda on the Palmtop

IMPORTANT: Do not run Agenda from an ATA flash RAM card. This will reduce its performance to the point where Agenda will be of little or no practical use.

To run Agenda from your 200LX's Program Manager, you will need to use MaxDOS. Copy MAXDOS.COM to your 200LX's C: drive root directory. Modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to enable MaxDOS with the following lines:

maxdos -l


maxdos -r

If you are using Buddy, I suggest using the following AUTOEXEC.BAT lines:

maxdos -l



maxdos -r

To add Agenda to your 200LX's Application Manager screen: Open Application Manager and press F2 and enter the following:

Name: Agenda

Path: c:\agenda\agenda.exe


Icon: (use the up/down arrow keys to select an icon.)

If you plan to use Maxdos, shift-tab back to the Path field and enter

c:\maxdos.com c:\agenda\a.exe|

Hit F10

Now you should see an icon on your Application Manager screen. You can now start Agenda by selecting this icon. If you use Software Carousel, then you should really run Agenda in its own SC session and avoid the use of MaxDos.

Suggestions For Improving Agenda's Performance

1. Run EMM200 available from the SUPER site or TREMM from Times2Tech to enable EMS memory on your 200LX. Agenda will take advantage of this memory.

2. Change Agenda's settings by starting Agenda and opening any .AG file. Press F10 (Menu) and File Properties. Then highlight the dots after "Assigns settings" and press the Space Bar. Leave Text Matching On. Turn Assignment conditions and actions both Off . Turn Apply conditions to Automatically. Press Enter twice.

These settings will speed up Agenda greatly. To make Agenda just a little faster, keep item entries short. Put any extra text in an attached Note.

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