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Magellan 2.0
Magellan 2.0

Magellan 2.0, from Lotus Corp., has recently been made available as copyrighted freeware. It was formerly a commercial program.

Magellan is a file manager and viewer that will let you delete, move and copy files. It will also let you view spreadsheet, database, Word Perfect, etc. files as you would normally see them if you were running their associated program. It even does a respectable job of letting you view and search for text in HP 200LX database files.

Magellan may be found on the 1999 CD InfoBase as well as on the World Wide Web at www.Palmtop Paper.com and/or www2.support. lotus.com/ftp/pub/desktop/Magellan/2.x/misc

There is no documentation for the program: not even a hint about how to install the program.

To get you up and running with Magellan on the HP Paltmop we have installed the program and placed the relevant files in a \MAGPALM directory on the CD InfoBase. On the Web, at www.PalmtopPaper.com, the file is called MAG2 INST.ZIP.

If you want to try our pre-installed version just copy the files from the Magellan directories on the CD-InfoBase to the C:\MAG2 directory on your Palmtop. Use the D:\DOS\ATTRIB -R /S command on the files in the C:\MAG2 directory to remove the read-only attributes from the files. You will need about 1.7 Megabytes of disk space. You will also need to terminate System Manager and run Magellan from the DOS prompt.

If you are working with the MAG2INST.ZIP file from our Web site, expand it on the hard drive of your desktop with the PKUNZIP -D MAG2INST.ZIP command. Transfer all the expanded files to the C:\MAG2 directory on the Palmtop.

On the Palmtop you can start Magellan either with the MG or MGFAST command.

Be sure to look at the Tutorial. The F1 key will provide limited but sufficient help to get you started. The F10 key followed by Y or Q will let you exit the program.

Warning: as with all new software, back up all your critical files before running Magellan the first time. On my Palmtop trying to view some data files caused the Palmtop to freeze. Having done a hard reset, I discovered that the C: drive had become corrupted. I was able to use CHKDSK /F to repair the damaged files and directories.

If anyone currently uses Magellan on their HP Palmtop, we'd like to hear from you.

We hope to do a thorough review of Magellan in a future issue of The HP Palmtop Paper.

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