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Y2K and cc:Mail
Y2K and cc:Mail

In the Sep/Oct 1998 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper, we mentioned that Lotus Development Corp. had declared that its cc:Mail program was not Y2K compliant. We took this declaration at face value.

Subsequent investigations, most notably those by Martin Paul, have convinced us that our acceptance of the Lotus statement was unjustified.

Martin Paul who runs the palmtop.com email service has demonstrated that cc:Mail is just as Y2K compliant as any of the other System Manager programs in the HP Palmtop. The program will not always display a four digit year but it will deal with information that contains dates for 2000 and beyond. It will sort information by date and correctly time-stamps all cc:Mail messages.

This means that ALL of the built-in functions of the HP Palmtop are indeed Y2K compliant. Enough said!

(One of my new millennium resolutions will be not to believe everything I read from Lotus Development Corp.)

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