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Framework and the HP Palmtop
Framework and the HP Palmtop

In the days when "integrated software" was popular, Ashton-Tate, the company that produced dBASE, also marketed Framework, a suite of programs that knitted together a word processor, outliner, telecommunication, spreadsheet, database, graphics program, personal information manager and the FRED programming language.

Borland International later acquired Ashton-Tate

Selections & Functions, Inc. has taken over the development of Framework and has versions of the program that will run under Windows 95/98 as well as a version that will run on DOS palmtop computers

Framework V LX is a special version of Framework which can run on the HP Palmtop. The program suite will not run under System Manager. It requires either a separate Software Carousel, DOS session or you must exit System Manager altogether with the More MENU Application Terminate command. Framework is best run on a double-speed Palmtop. Its performance on a standard Palmtop may be unsatisfyingly slow.

Framework V LX is delivered together with Framework V on a CD-ROM. The dual license to use Framework V on a desktop computer and Framework V LX on the HP Palmtop means that you can have the same programs and data files on both machines. The LX version of Framework features Nettamer as its Internet browser and email manager.

For more details, visit the Framework Web site at http://www.fred.com/

For pricing and availability of Framework, please contact Selections & Functions, Inc. at (781)545-3327.

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