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Overcoming the Subset Limit

Overcoming the Subset Limit

The following tip is workaround for the limit of sixteen subsets per database file. The tip assumes that your database contains a Note field and it relies on the fact that behind every subset there's a SSL statement.

 Even if you create a subset from the Define subset screen, the database engine will generate the equivalent SSL statement in the background. You can view and edit the SSL statement by pressing the F2 (General) key in the Define subset screen.

 The Tip:

 Look through the list of subsets and identify those that you use infrequently. When you find one, press the F4 (Edit) key and, if needed, press the F2 (General) key. Press Fn [.] (Copy) and then open Memo and paste the contents of the clipboard in an empty document. On a separate line in the document, describe the SSL statement, e.g., "subset of all who have met sales quota." When you've gone through the list and copied the SSL statements to Memo, you can use the F7(Delete) key to remove those subsets from the list. Save the Memo document as C:\subsets.txt. In the database, select the All database items subset and press F10(OK) to return to the List View. Press F2 to add an item. Use a text field to label the item as "Xtra subsets". Press F3 twice to open the Note field and insert the file C:\subsets.txt into the Note field.

 Anytime you want to use a "saved" subset, open the Xtra subsets item in the database, press F3 to open the Note field. Highlight and Copy the SSL statement. Close the Note field and press F6, F2, F2 and paste the SSL statement into an empty General subset Entry screen. Press F10(OK) twice to activate the subset.

 If your database doesn't have a Note field, you can use the "subsets.txt" Memo file as your Xtra subsets repository.

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