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Roots of Numbers in CALC
Roots of Numbers in CALC

You can find cube roots, fourth roots, etc. in the following way. Put the HP calculator in Math mode with Menu Applications Math. This will expose the LN, e^x, LOG, and 10^x functions. To take the 5th root of a number, for example, all you have to do is divide the LN of the number by 5 and then do the e^x function. This would work exactly the same with the LOG and 10^x functions. A simpler way is to realize that the cube root of a number is simply the number raised to the "one-third" power. That is, the cube root of 27 is 27^(1/3). If you're using RPN, the keystrokes would be 27 Enter, 1 Enter, 3 /, ^. The answer is 3.00. Likewise the fourth root of a number is Number^(1/4) and so on.

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