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Using WorldTime to Display Database Files
Using WorldTime to Display Database Files

The WorldTime application is another instance of the database engine in the HP 200LX. The application is designed to use only one data file, WORLD.WDB. There is no command in the application to open another data file.

Here's a way to get a general database to appear in the WorldTime application. It's a tip best suited for database power users and "hackers".

To make this tip work, you'll need a hex editor (DEBUG will do in a pinch).

If the WorldTime application is open, close it.

In Filer, go to the C:\_DAT directory and Move (F3) the WORLD.WDB and WORLD.ENV files to any other directory to make room for the new WORLD.WDB file.

Pick any Database file and copy it to the C:\_DAT directory and rename it to WORLD.WDB.

Use the hex editor to change byte 000C in the renamed WORLD.WDB file from the letter D' to the letter W' (hex 57) and save the file.

If you're using DEBUG, type the following commands and press Enter after each one. This will change the character at location 000C (010C in DEBUG format) to a W'.


-e 10c 57



Start the WorldTime application and press F9 to get beyond the "Welcome" screen. The database file will appear.

You won't be able to change the on-screen appearance of the file and you'll have to live with the limited File commands. The highlight bar will blink once a minute and there's no Data Card. However, you will be able to copy and paste to another System Manager application. You can scroll through the list, use subsets, view the data items and perform searches.

Can you use this "hack" to change WORLD.WDB to a Database amenable file? NO! I changed the 12th byte of the default WORLD. WDB file from W to D and tried loading the file into the Database application. This promptly produced a "Divide Overflow" error and a hard crash.

On The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK, we'll include a couple of batch files and Debug script files that will make the process of converting Database files to NoteTaker files and/or WorldTime files a little easier.

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