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Editor's Message

This issue of The HP Palmtop Paper has the theme of connectivity.

Gottfried Burckhardt tell us how to connect our Palmtops to other devices such as modems and other computers using the latest hardware and software.

David Sargeant shows us how we can connect with each other through the medium of email and describes the latest email server www.news.hplx.

Linda Worthington gives some prime examples of e-mail: MUPS (Most Unusual Places). This collection includes messages from all over the world. I think you'll agree: a MUP is much more engaging than a postcard saying "Having a great time, wish you were here."

Bill Quinlan's article about the built-in WorldTime database shows how to figure out where in the world you are -- and how far from home you've wandered or wished you could wander.

My "Through the Looking Glass" article presents what some have called "Super App Mgr." You'll discover how to expand the capabilities of this built-in Application Manager. You'll also learn how to run almost any System Manager compliant program without having to actually install it in App Mgr.

Hal Goldstein talks about the past and future of the HP Palmtop and decries HP's lack of marketing.

Several weeks ago, my wife was telling me about one of her favorite childhood books, "The Little Engine that Could." I can't imagine what I was thinking of at the time, but I put my foot in my mouth when I blurted out "that's a great way to describe the Palmtop." (Ooops!) Your non-palmtop spouses and friends can sympathize with Helen. They can appreciate what she has to put up with: a person with a one-track mind.

Be that as it may, I still think of the Palmtop as "the little engine that can." The HP Palmtop just keeps chugging along. It may seem like a steam-driven locomotive compared to the faster desktop machines on the market but with extra memory and a double speed transplant it still moves a lot of useful information. It isn't as spiffy-looking as some of the newer machines but looks are deceiving.

Hopefully this issue will reinforce your conviction that you're staying with a computer that has staying power for the long haul.

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