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Use the "subset" feature to create a listing sorted by City code.
Use the "subset" feature to create a listing sorted by City code.

Start the WorldTime application by pressing CTRL+HPCALC. Press F6 to select the Subset screen. Press F2 to define a new subset. Since we want all the records to be listed, simply press F10 and name the subset City Code. Then select OK (F1).

Next sort the subset by pressing MENU View Sort.

1st sort field: City Prefix (Ascending)

2nd sort field: City (Ascending)

3rd sort field: None

Press F10 to complete the sort - it may take a while. Finally, set up the first column for "speed searching". Press MENU, View, Arrange Columns to arrange the columns. Press F2 to add a column and add City Prefix and press F10. Then, move the new column to the left by pressing F7, then F10 for done.

Now, to speed search for a city code, simply enter it on the keyboard. For area codes in the USA precede the 3-digit code with "1 ". For example, to find which city belongs to area code 212, press 1 212. The list will jump to New York. When you want to get back to the standard list order, simply press F6 and select All Cities then press ENTER.

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