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Entering dates in 1-2-3
Entering dates in 1-2-3

It's a simple matter to enter today's date in Lotus 1-2-3. Just put the cursor in the cell that will contain the date and then enter @NOW and press Enter. Then use the MENU Range Format Date command to format the cell to show the date. The cell will be updated to the current date. If you want to lock in the date so that it doesn't change with the passing days just put the cursor in the cell that contains the @NOW function. Press the F2, F9 and Enter keys. That will evaluate the function and put a date/time value in the cell.

On the other hand entering an arbitrary date in Lotus 1-2-3 is not all that easy. Try this date macro. Type the following into an arbitrary cell, e.g. A6,


Use the command MENU Range Name Create \D and specify cell A6..A6 as the named range. To use the macro move the cell cursor to an empty cell in the worksheet and press ALT+D. When you see @date (on the prompt line, enter the year followed by a comma then the month number followed by another comma then the day of the month. Press Enter and the date should be displayed. For example if you enter 99,3,8 you'll see 08-Mar-99. For dates beyond the year 1999, enter the year number as 100 plus the last two digits of the year. For example if you enter "100,1,1" (without quotes but with commas) the date would appear as 01-Jan-2000. In other words, the Lotus way of entering years means that 1900 is the same as 0 and the year 2000 is 100.

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