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Shopping List Software
Shopping List Software

Many of us use the ToDo list as a crude shopping list. For example, I enter a ToDo item called "Grocery List" and use its Note field to keep a list of all the things I need to buy on my next trip to the store. If needed I can create other ToDo items for "Supplies list" or "Sundries list." Then, of course, there's a "Birthday/Anniversary list." (I dare not forget that one.)

Other users have developed Agenda templates and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets to serve the same purpose. The advantage to using these two programs is that you can use the math capabilities to keep a running total of your purchases and to make price comparisons in the supermarket.

Finally, there's a special Shopping Assistant program designed for the HP 100LX called SHASS. Shass helps you organize and automate tasks related to (grocery) shopping. These tasks include maintaining an inventory of items and coupons, deciding what and how much you need to buy, making a shopping list, and keeping track of your shopping while in the grocery stores. Shass learns your shopping habits and environment as it is used. The more you use Shass, therefore, the more help it can provide you.

We featured SHASS in an article in the July/Aug, 1994, issue of The HP Palmtop Paper. The SHASS program is available on the 1999 CD InfoBase as well as on CompuServe in the HPHand forum. It's a shareware product with a registration fee of $20.

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