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The HP Palmtop: don't leave home without it! Palmtoppers take their computers with them and let the rest of us know what they're up to.

By Linda Worthington

On the Hewlett-Packard Handheld Forum of CompuServe, in the Fireside Section, you'll find dozens of messages that contain the term "MUP." The notes cover a vast range of subjects, styles, moods and methods of transmission. But all have their origins in a simple idea: Palmtoppers are a wide ranging, well traveled and wonderfully diverse group of folks, most of whom travel with their beloved LX's and many of whom have learned to connect to various types of phone lines in all parts of the world. As these messages began to collect in the Forum, some of us felt that they deserved official recognition, a name, some organization. MUP means Most Unusual Place and a MUP is a message written from somewhere, anywhere (beaches, mountain tops, boats on the water, the Channel beneath it, in planes, trains, cars, on bicycles, roller blades and on foot). When possible, they are sent from that place, using a wonderfully inventive variety of means, including cell phones, Konnexx Kouplers and hard-wired phones (after some strategic surgery with various tools) and, more recently, by means of wireless technology. On-site transmission is not a criteria, however, and many are sent later from less hazardous and/or less expensive locations. Strangers stare, spouses fuss -- but those of us reading the new messages cheer for each new MUP and plan to send another one of our own! There is no wrong MUP, no bad MUP: we love 'em all. Our only suggestion is that no one risk their life in the interest of The Most Unusual Place. The Ultimate MUP does not exist!

MUPs have been collected in poems and articles in The HP Palmtop Paper on several occasions and Avi Meshar has a collection of some of these and others on the D & A Web site (www.dasoft.com/FUN/mups. html). Because they are a fine way to demonstrate the infinite variety of our Palmtop Family and a much-loved, unifying force on the Handheld Forum, we hereby introduce a new series of MUPs which probably demonstrate, more eloquently than any other words could do, the power and practicality of the LX in maintaining communication across time and space, all around the world.

MUPs for the Millennium? Here they come....!

The infinite variety of the MUP!

Over the years, from around the world, they arrive from Palmtoppers sharing adventures, special events and sometimes difficult moments. From the past come some excerpts of particular favorites:

The Elegant MUP

From Daniel Legendre

(CIS: 100572,3340), in Paris:

"I am typing on my HP100LX...supported by a photo book, Lee Miller, Photographs et Correspondante de Guerre...And I am at "Chez Les Filles", a tea-room, 64 rue du Cherche-Midi, near the corner of rue de Albbe Gregroire, 6th. I am tasting a strudel..."

The Underwater MUP

From Ron Vieceli (CIS: 73310,3663)

"I am writing this to you from about halfway between England and France under the Channel. We are on le Shuttle, the car train that lets you drive the car onto the train and then drive off at the other end. .."

The Airborne MUP

Bud Riker:

Right now I am flying high above the Venezuelan jungle on a flight to Caracas from Sao Paulo, Brazil...

The Adventure MUP

From "lexu", Alexandre Gutfeldt (CIS:100527,2461)

"Sal ...from the top of Champagna da Diavolezza, above the Col Bernina in the Grissons (South-Eastern Switzerland). I am sitting in the mountain top restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee..."

The Pyramid MUP

From Francisco Bricio

(CIS: 74174,1442)

"I am writing this E-mail from the top of the Sun Pyramid (The highest pyramid in the world with 365 steps. Cheers!"

The Domestic MUP

From Stan Dobrowski


With paternal pride: "I am sitting on the pitcher's mound in the middle of the school yard at my daughter's school....

The Historical MUP

Larry Tachna: 6/20/96

Hello All, not sure if this is a real MUP but I am sitting somewhere on highway 528 in Florida, waiting for the Shuttle to go up...

The Special Moment MUP

Frank Louwers

(CIS:72361,2161) Belgium

"I am writing this, still gasping for some air after a wonderful in-line skate ride under the bright stars and Hyakutake-2's fuzzy head and eerie tail. ...A perfect night I wanted to share..."

A patchwork quilt of wonderful word pictures from Palmtoppers around the world!

And still they come, some new voices, some old familiar ones, but still traveling, still sharing high adventures, small moments and real technological wizardry, often inventing new ways to send those MUPs, still enjoying the LX and all the practical pleasures of that wonderful little computer:

Daniel Legendre

100572,3340 11/10/98

I went today to Nogent-Le-Rotrou ...am having a light lunch at Hotel du Lion d'Or, Hotel of the Golden Lion, on the main place, facing Town Council...This morning twice I got "Message rejected" by CompuServe Mail, with land line, went through finely with GSM Cellular. This message sent same way, cellular RD Sagem 750 T. Tomorrow photography on the Armistice ceremony in Mortagne -au-Perche, the true capital of Normandy's Perche.

Gottfried Burckhardt


11/14/98 7:36:11 AM

Hi all, I'm sitting here in a cold and wet Porsche 911 in Rodder/Germany and waiting for the recovery vehicle. We, that means Palmi, (Gottfried's LX) Bernhard and me, we are sitting here in the middle of stage 5 of the "Rally Kln-Ahrweiler". It is snowing and about 1 degree Celsius plus, so no snow on the road, just slush. Up to now it was a nice and competitive rally...

David Shier [SS&S],

75030,3374 12/18/98 12:27:07 PM

I just wanted to share some of the views out the window on the flight from LAX to Seattle. The sky is clear and the views are nothing short of breathtaking! We passed by Crater Lake and the snow covered slopes that ring the lake were reflected off the black surface of the water.

Larry Nielsen,

104475,2520 12/22/98 4:21:03 PM

It's a beautiful day here on Avenue Florida, a major pedestrian-only shopping street in Buenos Aires. After cooler temp and some rain yesterday, it is nice to see the sun and not wear a jacket in December...What is that sound?...A group of small children singing Christmas Carols at 80 F. Their high pitched youthful voices literally shouting the words with enthusiasm. Navidad, Navidad...This place is wired and wireless. More people on the streets with portable phones, and using them, than I have ever seen.

Tony Hutchins,

100250,2347 12/26/98 18:44:46

Greetings from Box 6.2 Royal Festival Hall. Palmtop comfortable on red leather table surround, and light directly overhead. Perfect Palmtopping spot! Theatre is about 10% full. In 15 mins will be 99% full for final 1998 "Cinderella" by Royal Ballet. My favorite dancer is the "Orange Page" She might just be the Orange Page, but also my daughter! It's delightful. Fairies everywhere, plus 2 hilarious ugly sisters. Regards, Tony (About to send right from here!)

David Shier [SS&S],

75030,3374 1/13/99 5:20:01 PM

Thomas Rundel and I are not morning people, so, standing in the cold wind, at 7:15am local time, this is both a MUP and a MUT - Most Unusual Time!...Here is the South Rim of the Grand Canyon just before sunrise...In any case, this is truly a MUP. Not only for the beauty of the place, but because we have Most Unusual Weather as well. It was 55F (13C) and sunny at the rim yesterday which was great for any time of year - perfect for hiking - but was incredible for January!

David H. Fisher, Jr.,

102711,3602 1/20/99 8:06:07 PM

I am writing this MUP at 28,000 feet in a Kansas Air National Guard KC-135 Strato Tanker where we just refueled a B-2 Stealth Bomber. The view was spectacular. A few years ago I would have thought I was seeing a flying saucer...

Gottfried Burckhardt,

101525,3644 1/28/99 1:59:06 PM

Unfortunately our Porsche retired again (a strange gearbox problem, just 2500km after the last rebuild...) about 100km away from Monte Carlo OTOH this gave us the chance to see a giant (yes, I mean a GIANT - at least $100,000!) fireworks. Thanks to Caroline and her third marriage.

David Shier [SS&S],

75030,3374 2/10/99 7:17:09 PM

Well this should be the first of many "True MUPs" I will send. I'm writing this message, and it will be sent from the wood deck outside our office overlooking the duck pond.

I now have a Sagem CS755 PCS 1900 (GSM) cell phone with a built-in modem. I'm sending this message using a 200LX, acCIS 4.0 and the Sagem phone. Thanks to Daniel Legendre and Thomas Rundel I have been able to set up a dealer relationship (the first in the US) with Sagem to sell the phones and accessories (www.shier.com).

Fred Kaufman,

75162,2616 2/16/99 7:31:10 PM

I am at Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona standing beside the graves of the Clanton Gang. They lost the gunfight at Okay Corral. Buried side by side are: Billy Clainton, Tom McLaury and Frank McLaury. They were killed by Wyatt Earp and friends. There are a number of others who died in gunfights, were murdered, lynched and self-done-in!... There were some witty sayings on some of the stones but frankly, my Dad did not have patience for a guy standing in a cemetery typing on a computer!

Alexander Gutfeldt,

100527,2461 2/2299 8:11:03 AM

This is a MUP from a mountain pass in the Jura, Switzerland. Around me the wind is blowing, it is snowing lightly, the temperature is ca-2c ...my official/primary job is to prevent civilians from walking into the line of fire. My comrades further down the hill are shooting their rifles in one of many exercises. It starts to rain.. will have to send now ..

Victor Roberts,

70413,1423 2/22/99 4:59:10 PM

It is Monday evening. Right now I am on the IC train from Cologne to Frankfurt after attending a trade show in Cologne with a business companion. On Sunday morning we arrived in Frankfurt from Albany via Philadelphia. I had contacted Martin Breidenbach to see if he was free some evening during this trip. He was free on Sunday evening and he was kind enough to pick us up at our hotel (in his new GPS-equipped car no less) and drive us to a Mexican Restaurant in Frankfurt. We discussed palmtops (of course), computers in general and lots of other interesting stuff.

Mitch Preston,

101673,1334 2/28/99 12:21:02 AM

So, here I am in Amsterdam. As this is the first time I've been abroad since I got my cellular modem, I've been trying to think of a great location for a MUP. However, I've not had a great nights sleep, so at 5.30am, when my wife was still fast asleep, I installed myself in the bathroom, to catch up with forum messages, and to write this MUP... the floor and the ceiling are also decorated with white tiles - it is so clinical and devoid of any character, I could be in a mid-range hotel anywhere in the world.

MUPs! They are constantly fascinating, often instructive and always fun!

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