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CD InfoBase Request
CD InfoBase Request

Over the past couple of years we've received several requests similar to the following.

May I respectfully suggest the CD InfoBase be converted to HTML format so we can use it on our Palmtops?

David Lawrence katana@clear.net.nz

We've considered converting the CD InfoBase from its current HyperWriter format to HTML. In the end, we decided against it. The deciding factors were time and money.

You may have noticed that the CD version of "PC in Your Pocket" is in HTML format. It is not indexed whereas articles from past issues of The HP Palmtop Paper are. This makes it less useful as a reference work. On the other hand the HTML format does make it possible to read the book on your Palmtop.

If you want to read the other CD InfoBase articles on the Palmtop, you can use the File, Export command in HyperWriter to save articles as ASCII text files. If you want to search for words in an article, you can load the file into Memo.

Having said that, one of my goals for the next year is to select those articles from the CD InfoBase that have stood the test of time, massage them into HTML format and make them available on our Web site. Stay tuned. We're not done yet.

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