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Installing And Setting Up X-Finder
Installing And Setting Up X-Finder

Read the documentation carefully! The manual for FINDER.ENV alone is longer than this article...

If you don't already have it, get LHA255.EXE and install LHA in a directory in your path.

X-Finder is an EXM. Put it in any directory you want and install it in App Mgr. Move FINDER.ENV, ICON.LZH, and ICONFLD.LZH to C:\_DAT but don't extract the files. XF uses them from inside the archives!

Create 2 directories: C:\PALMTOP AND C:\TRASH. Extract PALMTOP.LZH into C:\PALMTOP (using LHA).

Get some support files (mostly on SUPER): MaxDOS, IconEdit, Zip/Unzip OR PKZip/PKUnzip, ZCopy (there are 2 programs with this name). The one you want is at: www.vector.co.jp/common/00tools/zcopy.com

Edit FINDER.ENV using Memo or any text editor. The first changes you'll need to make are to set up XF for your choice of editor and file viewer. The .env comes set up for MemoExpress and LogExpress, programs that require the Japanese fonts from the commercial JKIT package. (I use VDE for editing, and List for viewing). These are the lines from my .env file:

#Editor setting (me, vz, mini, etc)

%e ,240r ,a:\vde\vde.exe

#Viewer setting (lex, le, vvc, miel, etc)

%v ,200 ,list

Once the editor is installed correctly, hitting F7 (Custom) in XF will open FINDER.ENV in your editor. You'll probably also need to adjust some paths in the .env file.

If you're using PKZip/PKUnzip, you'll need to change references to Zip and Unzip. Also one parameter should be changed in the "Execution by matched file extension" section. Change

.zip ,k ,unzip -l %c


.zip ,k ,pkunzip -v %c

Here are some other archive-related changes I made in the .env that you might find useful. (From the ...matched file extension section)

.lzh ,k ,lha l %c

,192+lt ,lha x %c %m

,192+ck ,lha t %c

.zip ,k ,pkunzip -v %c

,200+lt ,pkunzip %c -d %m

,200+ck ,pkunzip %c -t

These will set XF to extract either type of archive to the directory across the split screen if [Shift][Enter] is pressed, or to test the archive with [Ctrl][Enter].

The X-Files

These are used to make entries in the GUI launcher screen. Here are some examples of different types:

.XFD for drive or directory (opens the file manager there)

3ramdisk.xfd contains c:

icons.xfd a:\icons

.XFE for executable commands (both DOS and XF commands)

post.xfe maxdos -da:\www www -d "!post"

edit.xfe pe|250

phone.xfe $m {xb400}

There's one "gotcha" with launching DOS executables with .xfe files. If the program expects to find support files in the same directory as the executable, it will fail unless the .xfe explicitly changes to the drive and directory. The MaxDOS example solves this, or it can be done with a batch file, or by including multiple commands (separated by semicolons) in the .xfe

e.g. c:;cd\forth;hp-pygmy.com

is the equivalent of a batch file containing:


cd \forth


Using the .xff symbolic link avoids this but pops up a message box with an "OK" button. You have to hit [Enter] again to start the program.

.XFF is created automatically by using the symbolic link function. This can be used to create links between executables or data files and the launcher.

.XFK for built-in apps (zero byte size file)

b400.xfk (No contents! - starts phonebook)

.XFL for EXMs (also zero byte size)


If you download XFP3.ZIP from SUPER, it contains x-files for drives, .xfk zero-byte files for built-in apps, and a program that will create .xfl zero-byte files for all the EXMs installed in AppMgr and MoreEXM.

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