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Some Tips on Exporting and Importing Data from the Built-in Database A

Some Tips on Exporting and Importing Data from the Built-in Database Applications

If you use the note field in Phonebook, Database, NoteTaker or the Appointment Book applications to write more than a few lines of text you may want to break the lines into readable chunks by pressing the [ENTER] key to create paragraphs. If you do this and then decide to export the information to another application you'll have to do some additional processing.

The HP Connectivity Pack exports note fields that contain carriage returns with a tab character substitution. So if you want to use these files in another application, you need to use a word-processor to convert these to carriage return/linefeed pairs.

SmartClip adds its own carriage return/linefeed every 60 or so characters, creating a situation that is fairly difficult to correct even with a word processor.

GDBdump substitutes \r\n for imbedded carriage return/linefeeds and a word-processor is again required if you wish to retain the paragraph structure of the original file.

Using Word for Windows on a desktop computer, along with the text exported by the Connectivity Pack I have been able to solve my export needs for the phone book, database and notepad and my import needs for NoteTaker.

If all you need to transfer is text, categories, numbers and notes, then the connectivity pack or GDBdump plus a word processor should work just fine.

If you do not need note fields with imbedded carriage returns, then SmartClip is the easiest way to export ASCII text.

If you need to transfer check box information use any technique except the SmartClip feature: it won't work.

If you need "/" delimited dates from your appointment book you are probably best off with SmartClip or ADBIO.

If you need am/pm time format in addition to "/" date delimiters you are mostly out of luck except for exporting with SmartClip. Microsoft Access and Excel allow you to specify the format of date imports and you should be able to manipulate the information for transfer to another piece of software, if desired.

If your note fields are less than about 512 characters, Excel might work fine.

If you can live with shorter note fields, you could process most of these delimited files using the built-in 123 spreadsheet and calculating date and time values for output to another program. This, however, requires a moderate degree of sophistication in the use of 123 functions.

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