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Break the Six Range Limit in 1-2-3 Graphs
Break the Six Range Limit in 1-2-3 Graphs

With the Lotus 1-2-3 Graph command you can specify which set of values to use for the X-axis and up to six different sets of values for the Y-axis.

There may be an occasion when you would like to have more than six values displayed on the graph at the same time. Here's how to do this for graphs of the x-y type.

1) Set up a spreadsheet as usual for the X-axis and for up to the six data ranges (A - F) for the Y-axis. In Screen 1 the columns A-F will become the Y-axis values and the G column will become the X-axis values.

Screen 1: A Spreadsheet with 12 different graph ranges

2) Copy the X-axis values into the same column below the first set of X-axis values. Leave one blank row between the two sets.

3) Construct up to six additional ranges, using the same columns as previously defined for ranges A - F but, again, leave a blank cell between the sets of values.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want 18 ranges instead of 12.

5) Tell the Graph program that you want to plot an X-Y graph and identify your ranges as extending from the first row of the first set to the last row of the last set.

For example, in the spreadsheet above, the X-axis values are in cells G1..G11. The A-F values are in cells A1..A11 through F1..F11.

Be sure to leave the blank cells between the different data sets or else you'll get stray lines connecting the first and seventh series, the second and eighth and so on.

When you're ready, view the graph by pressing the F10 key or by choosing the View command in the 1-2-3 Graph menu.

You should see a graph like the one in Screen 2 in which there are twelve different lines on the chart.

Screen 2: An X-Y type graph with 12 different values for the Y axis.

The technique can be extended to handle as many "pseudo ranges" as you like. However, on the Palmtop, the screen resolution is such that too many lines produce a blur.

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