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SYNCH PQ With Quicken for Windows
SYNCH PQ With Quicken for Windows

Here's a batch file that will let you synchronize Pocket Quicken files with Quicken for Windows.

Assuming that you have the HP Connectivity Pack on your Windows 3.1 desktop computer, type the batch file into Notepad and save it as PQ_SYNCH.BAT in the same directory as the Cpack software.


rem ** Connect with LapLink, and rem wait for connection



llra3 /c


llra_env /w

if errorlevel 1 goto wait

rem ** Backup my LX files

xcopy /m/s f:\*.* d:\user\backuplx

rem ** Start the LX emulator from rem HP Connectivity




rem ** Sync. Quicken file at d:\user\quicken\qdata.qdt

rem ** with Pocket Quicken file at

rem ** d:\user\backuplx\quicken\qdata.pdt

rem ** for details, see sample file from HP Connectivity Pack

pp /s d:\user\quicken\qdata.qdt

d:\user\backuplx\quicken\qdata.pdt q

c:\tmp\qdata.log 1 -1 1

rem ** Unload LX emulator



rem ** Copy the synchronized file rem back to the LX copy d:\user\backuplx\quicken\qdata.pdt


You will also have to modify the drive and path parts of the batch file to suit your own setup.

Paulo Custodio Paulo.Custodio@alcatel.de

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