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Importing Database files into Excel
Importing Database files into Excel

We have received several requests for software that will transfer database files to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access, the MS database.

There is no software that performs this task because the task does not require additional software.

You can handle the task by converting a database or Phonebook file to a Comma Delimited Format (CDF) file using the built in Smart Clip function. Once you have that accomplished you can transfer the CDF file to your desktop computer and use the File Open command in Excel and it will walk you through the process of separating the various fields in the database into different columns in the spreadsheet. As with many Windows' applications, don't expect to get it right on the first try. It may take several attempts before you learn how to do things the Microsoft way.

The process is a little more complicated if you're trying to import the file into Access but, again, there are enough help wizards in Access to get the task done.

To expedite creating the CDF file you can use the XLATE/MERGE program in the HP Connectivity Pack.

The only caution is that Notes fields in the database files will be truncated to about 2 Kbytes. If you have notes that are greater than 2 Kbytes in length you may have to export them to text files on the Palmtop and import them separately into an Access Note field.

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