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Converting from HP 95LX to HP 680LX
Converting from HP 95LX to HP 680LX

I just bought a new HP Jornada 680. I've got a trusty old HP95, and I need to convert my appointment and phonebook files to the new format.

HP provides conversion software for the HP100/200LX to the J680 but not for the HP 95LX.

Does anyone have the conversion software that goes from the HP 95 to the HP100/200LX? If that software was available I could complete the process using the software that comes with the Jornada 680.

Terry Savage


You could buy the HP Connectivity Pack. It contains the software to convert the data from the HP 95LX to the HP 200LX. A less expensive route would be to convert the .ABK and .PBK files on the HP 95LX to ASCII text files using the THOR utility programs. From there you might need to rearrange some of the fields so that they would make sense to the HP J680 machine. The THOR programs are available on the 1999 CD InfoBase as well as on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK.

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