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Equations from Curtis Cameron

Equations from Curtis Cameron

The following Solver equations have not been seen in print before. Key them into the Editor in Solver and save them for future reference.

Interpolate: (x-x1)/(x1-x2)=(y-y1)/ (y1-y2)

! finds (x,y) that is on a line between (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) !

Binomial Distribution: comb(n:x) *p1^x * (1-p1)^(n-x) = px

! prob that there will be exactly x occurrences in n tries, if the prob of one occurrence in one try is p1. With 10 coin flips, the prob that exactly three will be heads is 0.117 !

Great Circle:

Distance=69.0466* ACOS(SIN (LT1) * SIN(LT2)+COS(LT1) *

COS(LT2) * COS(LG1-LG2))

! finds the great circle distance in miles between two points on the earth. Must be in degrees mode. !

Horizon: d=sqrt(h/5280*(2*r+h/ 5280)) ! distance to the earth's horizon (in miles) for an observer h ft above surface, r should be 4000 miles. !

Curtis Cameron

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