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The HP Palmtop Paper September/October 1992

The HP Palmtop Paper

September/October 1992

Table of Contents



Printers for the HP 95LX

A look at four light-weight, battery powered printers for on the road, or at home: The Canon bubble Jet 10e, the Citizen PN48, the Diconix 180si, and the Seiko DPU-411.

PERIPHERALS: Drive95 / Station95

Contributing writer David Hayden takes a look at Sparcom's Station95 (a docking station) and Drive95 (an external floppy drive).


An HP 95LX user adds an RJ-11 phone connector to the HP Serial Cable to better fit his connectivity needs.


Install Stac Electronic's Stacker and you can double the storage capacity of your RAM Card. The ACE Double-Card is a RAM card that comes with a pre-installed, ready-to-go version of Stacker for the 95LX. The DoubleCard also lets you compress your 95LX's C drive. ACE also offers DoubleCard 2.0 Software that easily turns your existing RAM card into a DoubleCard.


Agenda lets you enter random information and reorganize it later. This article tells you how to set it up and enhance its performance on the HP 95LX.

USER PROFILE: On the Road and Around the World

This International Sales and Marketing Manager traded in his notebook computer for a 95LX. He uses the Palmtop to track expenses, write client reports, keep confidential price lists, record flight and meeting schedules, and keep customer information.


HP is decreasing the price of the 512K 95LX. The rest of this article looks at the HP 95LX's built-in COMM program and the meaning of various settings. It then shows how to connect two 95LX's via modem.

HP 95LX SUPPORT: Alternative Info Systems

Although far less comprehensive than CompuServe, Prodigy has an easy-to-use graphical interface and no access charges for PC and Mac users. America Online also features an easy graphical interface and has just started a HP 95LX forum for Mac and PC related issues.

HP95 Forum on America Online (AOL)

COLUMN: User to User

In spite of sparse HP technical documentation, Mark Scardina has come up with a method to quickly and easily make software SystemManager compliant. For fun, Hal explores programs that create words, sounds, and music on the 95LX.

Through The Looking Glass

Ed shows how to use Windows 3.1 on your desktop to customize your 95LX TopCard opening screen.

COLUMN: Savvy User

Tom makes some design suggestions for the visually impaired, gives some advice on how not to bend AC adapter prongs, and lists some tips on analyzing the built-in_STAT.WK1, or any Lotus worksheet.

COLUMN: Programmer's Corner

COLUMN: Getting Started

In this issue we review fundamental concepts: File name, extension, data file, program file, path, directory, default. We apply this information by examining directories in FILER, by using the FILER HELP, COPY, DELETE, and RENAME function keys, and by considering file naming strategies.


New Non-HP Products designed to work with the HP 95LX



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