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Using BATTman with the Subscribers Disk

Using BATTman with the Subscribers Disk

I had some initial difficulty using the 1992 Subscribers Disk on my 95LX. I had installed the BATTman battery management program (ACE) before I received my disk and was using Stacker on my A drive (RAM card). I also had been using Drive95. I made these discoveries:

  1. 1. I had to have the Drive95 device statement before the Stacker device statement in CONFIG.SYS in order for the hot keys to operate.
  2. 2. I had to install BATTman and ask it to bypass the setup screen upon Reboot. I had to use command line options at setup and add a line as the last TSR on the AUTOEXEC.BAT.
I hope this is useful to some of our friends.

I also would like some help. I come from Kuwait and in the Middle East, Saturday is the first day of the week. Maybe someone knows a way to change WEEKABK, which only recognizes Sunday and Monday as possible first days of the week.

Adnan Al Bahar

London, UK

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