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LEO on the HP 95LX

LEO on the HP 95LX

Not many 95LX users have heard of LEO. It is a scientific text editor with a TeX file as its output. Thanks to Everett Kaser, who gave me the correct parameters, I have succeeded in loading LEO on my 95LX. I can now write real math formulas on my 95LX, and have them output as TeX files.

You need to load FASTLEO.EXE, LEO.CFG, and the font files from the V350 directory to the 95LX. Then retrieve LEO.CFG (the LEO configuration file) into MEMO and add the following line:


You need to do this through MEMO or another text editor, not through LEOSETUP (the LEO setup program), which will not accept these parameters. I also found that I needed to increase the right margin.

The only drawback is that the LEO menus are too large to read, so I keep a reduced photocopy of them in my pocket.

LEO is sold by: ABK Software, 4495 Ottawa Place, Boulder, CO 80303; USA; Phone: 303-494-4872.

Massimo Ferri

Dept. Mathematics,

U. Bologna, ITALY

iPhone Life magazine

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