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GWBasic v 3.23 on the 95LX

GWBASIC v 3.23 on the 95LX

I have used MS Basic for many years so when I recently got my 1MB 95LX I wanted to use it on the Palmtop. Using PKLITE I reduced GWBASIC.EXE to 64.5K. I transferred the file to my BIN directory and it seems to work within limits.

The graphics and sound statements do not work, but screen and color commands are OK. I use screen 0 and color n,0 yields the following for n... ( 8=blank, 9=underline, 10= normal, 25=blink underline, 26= blink). In addition, color 8,7= inverse and color 16,7= blink inverse.

Locate commands work, so cursor position is OK.

The function keys work normally for LIST, RUN, LOAD, SAVE, etc., but the line editing fails (perhaps due to odd cursor keys or screen control).

Emmet Jones

Corvallis, OR, USA

CompuServe: [971750,1226]

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