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Drive95 Problems with 1MB 95LX?

Drive95 Problems with 1MB 95LX?

Since switching to a 1MB 95LX I find that I have difficulty going from FILER to DOS when I'm also using Sparcom's Drive95. If I go to DOS and then try to go back to the FILER with "EXIT" or "ROM.BAT", it takes a very long time to finally get back to FILER.

When I use the 512K version of the 95LX, it goes back to FILER right away. The same FILER-to-DOS delay happens when I'm using a CONFIG.SYS file on the 1MB 95LX, (but again, not on the 512K! Any suggestions?

I have another problem with Drive95. Its user documentation says that I can backup the 95LX from FILER to Drive95, tagging the desired files and copying them over. But I don't understand how this is possible, since Drive95 is seen as the G drive, and this can only exist outside of SYSMGR? Do I have to register DRIVE95.SYS (Drive95's device driver) in the APPCOM list for it to be able to have Drive G and FILER open at the same time?

A closing warning! The other night I fell asleep working and my wife moved my 95LX to an armchair. When I wake up, the main batteries were dead because I fell asleep without putting the 95LX back to FILER after having connected it to Drive95. Always put the 95LX out of backup mode before falling asleep, or leaving the 95LX.

Alfred Herz

Monterrey, MEXICO

[Use (F7) to Split the screen in FILER. Then press (F5) G: to "Goto" the G drive in FILER -- Hal.]

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