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Velcro's 95LX to Car Dashboard; Still Waiting for Mac Connectivity Kit

Velcro's 95LX to Car Dashboard; Still Waiting for Mac Connectivity Kit

I've been using the HP 95LX at home and on the road since last October and have found it to be quite an amazing piece of hardware.

I had to chuckle a bit the first time I took my HP through the metal detector, and the security officer asked me what it was and why I had a strip of Velcro on it. I showed her that it was a PC and told her the Velcro was used to attach it to the dash of my car. She smiled and said okay!

I'm in charge of a computer center and use a Mac. My corporate life has been changed with this little box since I tossed my DayTimer. (Boy was that scary!)

I've been using the HP Connectivity Pack on my Mac running a PC emulation package called SoftAT. It runs quite well and allows copying and pasting if you have at least 8MB of RAM.

Fred Dugach

Cleveland, OH, USA

CompuServe #: [70375,1401]

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