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The Citizen PN48:

The Citizen PN48:

The PN48's combination of laser-like output and small size make this 2.6 lb. printer the right choice for on-the-road printing. However, its high operating cost (36 cents/page for the single strike ribbon), slower operating speeds, and lack of sheet feeder make it a questionable choice as a primary printer.

The PN48 comes with a parallel port only and needs a serial-to parallel adapter to connect to the 95LX.

By Bob Newins

The Citizen PN48 is a diminutive laser-quality printer, with an optional NiCd battery pack that lets you print up to 25 pages on a fully charged battery (single pages only, no tractor feed). The 2.5 lb (1.2 kg) printer measures 11.5 x 2 x 3.5 inches (29 x 5 x 9 cm).

Printing Samples:  Graphic

 The PN48 comes with an AC adapter, connect cable, and one multistrike ink cartridge. An optional NiCd battery ($95) provides 25 pages of printing when fully charged. Additional print cartridges cost $4.99 apiece. Battery and ink cartridges should be available from your PN48 dealer.

The PN48 can emulate IBM Proprinter, one of the 95LX's printer settings. The PN48 is a thermal-fusion printer that produces 360 dpi near-laser-quality output at 24 cps (characters per second). The PN48 prints letter quality only, no draft option. The PN48 comes with Courier and Times Roman type faces.

The PN48 is more expensive to operate than some printers. A single-strike ribbon costs $4.99, which works out to be about 36 cents per page. The multistrike ribbon, also $4.99, should help to lower per-page costs, but may also decrease print quality as it is reused.

The PN48 is a parallel printer, which makes it necessary to use a serial-to-parallel adapter to connect it to the 95LX. I used the Paralink 3 by Widget, which needs a Citizen cable adapter (part # KB48) to connect to the PN48's proprietary printer cable. The other side of the Paralink 3 connects to the 9-to-25 pin computer adapter that came with the HP Connectivity Kit (HP F1001A). This connects to the Connectivity Kit serial cable, which connects to the 95LX serial port.

The Citizen PN48, with single sheet feed, 36 cents per page output, and a 25 page battery life, is not ideal for volume printing. But if you want laser-quality printing while on the road, this is lightest, least hassle solution around.

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