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Installing Stacker 2.0 on the A Drive (RAM Card)

Installing Stacker 2.0 on the A Drive (RAM Card)

  1. 1. With MEMO, create or edit a file named C:\CONFIG.SYS. Add the following lines to the file (remember the space before each "/"):


  1. 2. With MEMO, create or edit a file named C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. Add the following lines:




ECHO Press CTRL-C to go to DOS

ECHO Press any key to go to SYSMGR



  1. 3. Temporarily clear enough space on your 95LX's C drive to have 105K free with at least 300K of system RAM.
  2. 4. Copy from your PC to C:\ the following Stacker 2.0 files: SCREATE.COM, SCREXEC.EXE, SCREXEC2.EXE.
  3. 5. Back up all of your A drive files and then format the RAM card by pressing (<Shift>) (FILER) Format (ENTER).
  4. 6. Copy the Stacker 2.0 file STACKER.COM to your A drive.
  5. 7. Press (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL) to reboot. At the prompt press (CTRL)-C and Y to go to the DOS prompt.
  6. 8. Enter SCREATE A: /r=3 /c=4 to create Stacker's hidden disk file on your RAM card. A message will appear indicating success.
  7. 9. Press (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL) to reboot and go to SYSMGR and you will now have a Stacked A drive.

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