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HP CALC's LIST function has many uses, whether you're out shopping at the grocery store or want to keep track of expenses on a family trip.

With HP CALC up, type (MENU) List. If there are any items on the screen, clear it by typing (MENU) Erase Data. Now start entering your items.

Suppose you are grocery shopping: type in 2.33 for item 1 and 7.63 for item two and 2.47 for item 3. What you'll see on the list is item 1, item 2, item 3 showing the amounts we've just typed in. At the very bottom of the screen, the total is 12.43. Now suppose you were returning some bottles for their deposits. Lets say you've got 25 bottles and you get a nickel ($.05) back for each bottle. Type 25 .05 and press (F10). You press (F10) when you want to subtract from the list. Since we're getting a refund for our deposits, we'll subtract it from the total. We press (F10) and enter -1.25 as the 4th item in the list. The total now reads 11.18.

You can also press (F3) (DELETE) to erase an item, or move the cursor to an item number and press (F4) (INSERT) to insert an item into the list.

Keep a Running Total in List Stat:  Graphic

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