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Printing from the HP 95LX

Printing from the HP 95LX

  1. 1. To connect the 95LX to a serial printer: use HP's Serial Interface Cable (HP 82222A) or equivalent. The 4-pin end goes into the 95LX, the 9-pin end connects to the serial port of the printer. You will also need a 9-to-25-pin adapter to connect the 9-pin end of the 95LX serial cable to the 25-pin printer printer port. We used the Printer Adapter from the HP Serial Cable Adapter kit (HP 82224A) to connect the serial cable to the Diconix 180si serial port.
  2. 1A. To connect the 95LX to a parallel port printer -- most printers do not have serial ports (check your printer manual if you are not sure which type of port your printer has). If you have a parallel printer you need a serial-to-parallel adapter to connect the two (see additional sidebar, page 8, for more information).
  3. 2. Configure the 95LX: Press (SETUP) Printer Config Name and select either the (Epson FX80), (IBM Proprinter), or (HP LaserJet), depending upon which selection your printer emulates (check your printer manual if you're not sure). Make sure your interface is set to (COM1). Make sure the Baud rate on your 95LX is set the same as your printers (usually 9600).
  4. 3. Configure the printer: Printer settings are very standard and you may want to skip this step and come back to it if your print test fails. To configure the printer, make sure the printer's baud rate is the same as the 95LX (9600). Make sure your printer is using the following settings: 8 bits per character, 1 stop bit, no parity, XON/XOFF software handshaking enabled, and hardware handshaking disabled.
  5. 4. Turn the printer on: (Off and on again if you've changed settings in point 3 above). Make sure the printer is on line.
  6. 5. Test print: Press PRT SC ((<Shift>)(ESC)) to send your current screen to the printer. You may have to take the printer Off Line and press the Form Feed button to eject the page from the printer. If this test works, you're ready to go.
Print Test Fails: Troubleshooting

  • Make sure printer is On and On Line.
  • Make sure the connection between the 95LX is correct and tight.
  • Go back to points 2 & 3. Make sure the 95LX and printer are configured properly.
  • 95 Buddy users -- see 95Buddy User's Manual to make sure PRT SC ((<Shift>)(ESC))is enabled or test by printing from MEMO.
  • Call printer or HP technical support.

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