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Like Low-Power X-Jack But Need More Modem Speed?

I have been using X-jack modems for years in my Newtons and LX and have recently been using an ACE 14.4 modem since LXCIC allows you to power down the modem with it still in the slot but I have always wanted more speed. I went and got myself a SimpleTech 33.6 off eBay but it drew too much power and 'nuked' my LX, so that wasn't an option.

Well.... I've just discovered the answer to my need for speed and thought I would share it with everyone. I'm sure there are others like me who want to go FAST! The answer is a 56K modem that Thaddeus Computing is selling. It's a PC card modem that works well with the LXCIC driver and is able to power down while it's in the Palmtop but not being used. The modem appears to draw about the same current as my X-Jack 14.4 modem but it runs at 56K! I am connecting consistently at 45K or higher and able to maintain these speeds. I'm sure that there will be some discussions about whether or not it's really that fast but it definitely seems to be 3-4 times quicker than my 14.4 X-Jack.

I have been using the W2 command to have it report the connection speed. I will admit that it took a bit of playing with to get it to maintain a comfortable, quick connection speed. Mack Baggette helped me there and I have been able to add S373D?? where ?? equals a certain number. In my case, I have it set for about 29 or 30 which seems to work great with my ISP. You may have to play with the settings to get it to match up with your ISP's modems as is sometimes the case with desktop internal modems.

I have been using the modem with WWW/LX, Goin' Postal and LXTCP and in particular LXTelnet. It is so cool to be able to have my Palmtop do dial-up at the same speed as my desktop but yet not get so hot as to 'fry' the Palmtop.

The modem does use a dongle but the speed increase is definitely worth the extra hassle of the dongle over the X-Jack for me. I believe that Thaddeus is selling the 56K modem for around $100 and if you do a lot of dial-up with your Palmtop like I do with mine it's money well spent. The bonus is that you also get a cool modem for use with your laptop if you have one.

Anyway, I know this has sounded like a plug for Thaddeus and I guess in a way it is, but they have continued to support our 'dead' platform and continue to find new products such as this modem that work with it. So Hal and the gang deserve a plug and a heartfelt "thank you!" 56K modems that work in the Palmtop rule!

Jeff John jeffj@HIWAAY.NET

iPhone Life magazine

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