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The CE Palmtop is not a PC

Serial Printers for the 200LX: Try DeskJet 500

The DeskJet, DeskJet Plus, and DeskJet 500 all have serial ports on them. The drivers for the DeskJet printers with the serial port are built into the 200LX.

David Peterson HP Corvallis (not MCD)

Editor's reply: I thought this message was an error but soon realized that David Peterson is right. I tipped my old DJ 500C printer over and saw the familiar "Centronics" plug and another plug that, for seven years, I'd assumed was just another parallel plug. I hooked an HP connectivity cable to a Radio Shack nine-pin gender changer and, from there, to a nine-to-twenty five pin serial cable. I plugged one end of the long cable into the Palmtop and the other end into the printer. I happened to have Memo running on the Palmtop, so I tried the MENU, File, Print, Enter command. Whaddya know, it works! Thanks, David, you taught an old hand a new sleight of hand trick.

iPhone Life magazine

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