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What if the Next Version of Windows Does Not Contain DOS?

I recently read that the next domestic Windows OS (WinME or Millennium Edition) will improve stability by dropping support for all DOS programs.

How will the APP100.COM or APP200.COM file work --the HP connectivity pack for HP Palmtops? Do you have any suggestions for use of the HP Palmtops in WinME?

Rick Steinberg fmsteinberg@pol.net

Editor's Reply: I want to say, let's hope we can cross that bridge when we get to it. However, I think I can say that we will cross that bridge when we get there. As evidence for my confidence, I look at the WinCE computers that have no support for DOS software and don't even have an Intel CPU. It took a couple of years to happen but WinCE users now have a couple of DOS emulators with which they can run APP200 and many other DOS programs. If the emulation can work on a WinCE machine how much easier it would be to get it working on a WinME (or Win2K) machine? Time will tell.

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