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1. Since HP stopped manufacturing the 200LX I am planning to get one more 200LX. I am planning to buy a doublespeed but the question is what is the best trade off if I plan to surf the Internet on a limited scale -- 5, 8, 32 or 96 MB RAM ?

One answer would be to get as much memory as your budget allows. Also add the cost of a Web browser, such as WWW/LX to your budget. See our Web site for the most recent prices for each of the RAM disk upgrades.

2. Which is the best Internet program - NetTamer or a commercial program or some other solution? I have a CompuServe account which I am not sure whether to terminate or not.

Most people who use the HP Palmtop for Web browsing and e-mail seem to prefer the WWW/LX + Post/LX combination. Again see our Web site or the Ultimate Palmtop Catalog for more information and the price. For connecting to CompuServe, many people still use acCIS 4.0 from Tom Rundel.

3. Is there a better word processor than Memo? I use the Microsoft Office package on my desktop. Memo is good but I miss split windows as in Word97. With DocRTF I have the opportunity to keep the format in the RTF format. Is there any other word processor that has this feature?

If you want something that rivals Word97 in complexity and bells and whistles, you won't find it in the DOS world. You can come close to what you're used to with a few programs such as Word Perfect 5.1 or 6.0 for DOS, WordStar 4.0 for DOS and MS Word 5.5 for DOS. The latter is now available on the 2000 CD InfoBase from Thaddeus Computing and for free at the Microsoft download site.

Lars Enochsson Lars.Enochsson@Kirurg.SOS.sll.se

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