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Likes Flexpad

I began using Flexpad several months ago after I read a message from a HP 200LX user who said it was one of his favorite programs. I use it every day at work (all day long). All in one file I have my (1) ToDo lists (which are simple to access and enter info to --I have several categories, and I jump instantly to any of them just by typing the first few letters of the category. You can add whatever categories you want, and you can add and delete them at any time).

I use the section marks for each item. I also have a section I call (2) ARCHIVE where I paste items I no longer need in front of my face but may want to refer to at a later date. I have a section for (3) PROJECTS where I enter projects (with the date and time). Click two buttons and the view changes to a monthly calendar, or a weekly calendar, or a preview of the next seven days. Click two more keys and you're back at the TODO lists.

Flexpad is powerful and very quick. I downloaded an 88-page text research document last night to my Palmtop (single spaced in MS Word), and opened it with Flexpad; pressed two keys, entered a search word, and in seconds I had a list of every instance of the word in the document. Click on any one and hit Enter, and you're at that place in the document. VERY SLICK, VERY FAST, VERY POWERFUL. The only thing I miss is the ability to use the clipboard to easily cut and paste to the HP Applications on the Palmtop. NOTE: You can cut and paste within a document in Flexpad, just can't copy something in Flexpad, then open the PIM Database and paste it there.

The S.U.P.E.R. Site has the shareware program, so you can drive the program around a bit, and kick the tires --and check it out for yourself.

Bill; Palmtop200@AOL.COM

iPhone Life magazine

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