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Diabetes tracking software

Diabetes tracking software

Hi friends,

I announced a few months ago that I planned to write a program to track down blood sugar and some related values.

I already wrote a program, but this one only works in combination with another (commercial) program 'Camit' by Boehringer Mannheim. I don't know if it's only sold in Germany or Europe or if it's also available overseas.

Camit works with all Accutrend blood glucose sensors that store data. You can attach the sensor to the serial port and import the stored data into Camit. My program 'simulates' a sensor. You can enter the blood glucose and several other things (like insuline, sports, meals etc.) and the program stores the information in a file that can be read by Camit.

So you can use this program instead of taking the huge Accutrend DM sensor with you. You only need a small sensor and the 200LX. It's very handy for me!

If anyone's interested, please let me know. But don't expect too much, since I wrote the program in C and I'm a total C beginner! I surely will continue to develop the program, but right now, I'm getting ready for exams and I don't have much time for such things.

Probably I'll NOT write a program that does the entire data management since I don't need it. (I have Camit. That one does all the data management I need). Sorry. Too much trouble for me.

Daniel Hertrich


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