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November/December 1992

The HP Palmtop Paper

November/December 1992

Table of Contents



NEWS: RAM Card Winners; News of Interest From HP to 95LX Users

There were many winners in HP's free RAM card contest! Upgrade program to end. HP will remain strong with change of leadership. New DeskJet Portable Printer a promising candidate for the 95LX. Service agreement extends warranty coverage. News around the world is exciting.

NEWS / Sundisk Flash Cards

SUNDISK Lets You Store 10-20 Megabytes on a Memory Card -- No Batteries Needed!


In the first six issues we listed over 240 hardware and software products, and other 95LX-related services already available from third-party manufacturers and developers. We will continue to list 95LX hardware, software, books, videos, training, and services as we discover them. Vendors of 95LX-related products should send us information.

REVIEWS: SkyStream Wireless Receiver

Tired of having to connect up to a modem or telephone to send and receive? You may need a wireless receiver!

SWITCH! 2.0 Makes It Easy To Create and Run New System-Compliant 95LX Applications

SWITCH! 2.0 will bring about many new system-compliant applications, including SWITCHable versions of ACT!, VDE, COMMO, UNO, Personal Food Analyst, and myREMOTE.


Want to Change TV Channels With Your 95LX? myREMOTE Can Do It! myREMOTE turns your HP 95LX into a programmable remote control for your entertainment system.

Profiles: Gaining the Competitive Edge in International Cycling with the HP 95LX!

This member of the Canadian National Cycling Team uses his 95LX to maintain his training diary, monitor his nutrition, manage team and personal finances, and send news flashes to the media.

Help! Choosing a Product of the Year Isn't Easy.

We'll nominate 95Buddy, SWITCH! 2.0, the ACE! Double Card as contenders, but which products do you think are the best? While you're thinking, take a look at Sokoban, Games95, the spell checker and graphics generator mentioned later in this article.

PHONE "Cut and Paste" Data-base Saves Time and Effort!

This user has turned PHONE into a catch-all database that helps him keep track of documents, and lets him cut and paste useful information to MEMO and APPT.

HOW TO USE: Lotus 1-2-3 Advice -from My Optometrist?

Tom sees his eye doctor's advice in terms of Lotus 1-2-3, and gives three excellent tips for developing spreadsheets.

HOW TO USE: WordPerfect 4.2: MEMO Alternative for the 95LX

Looking for something more robust than MEMO? This older version of WordPerfect sports a spell checker and thesaurus! This article covers installation and work arounds for features that don't work on the 95LX.

HOW TO USE: Getting Help for Your HP Palmtop on CompuServe

The HP Forums on CompuServe offer technical assistance with a twist. This article is an update on the information you can find in the forums, how to join CompuServe, how to find the HP Forums, and basic strategies for getting the most for your money.

HOW TO USE: Advanced / Backsolving with Lotus and HP Calc

Ed demonstrates how the 95LX's CALCCELL function integrates Lotus 1-2-3 and HP CALC

HOW TO USE: Advanced / Developing with SWITCH! 2.0

Ed tells program developers how to make their HP 95LX applications System-Manager compliant under SWITCH! (SWITCHable).

HOW TO USE: Beginner / File Backup

Read this and obey! The frustration you avoid not having to reenter lost files will pay for your subscription many times over!

HOW TO USE: Beginners Support / Most Common Questions

In the Fall of 1991, the HP technical support staff provided The HP Palmtop Paper readers with a series of answers based on the questions HP Palmtop users most frequently asked them. One year later HP tech support tells us that other questions are now being asked and some of last year's questions have more up-to-date answers. Once again we thank the Hewlett-Packard Technical Support staff for providing us with the following information.

How Do I Get Help In Using My HP 95LX?



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