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This issue marks the end of our first year publishing The HP Palmtop Paper. In the premier issue we wrote: "Our mission is to share with you possibilities for using the HP 95LX -- to provide you with new ways to profit from and enjoy your HP Palmtop. We do this by acting as the central hub where HP Palmtop users worldwide share knowledge and expertise."

Thanks to you -- reader, contributor, product developer -- we're on target. Each issue this past year has contained another wave of insights on using built-in capabilities, of new product announcements, and of in- depth reviews. Each issue contains more practical ways we can take advantage of the computer we carry in our pockets.

Look at the articles in this issue, check out the expanded advertising, and read about the many new products: The creativity and brilliance that have gone into enhancing the HP Palmtop capability is truly astounding. In this issue you will find that you can attach a modem or wireless receiver directly to your HP 95LX to facilitate communications with the rest of the world (page 12 and 20), carry 20 Meg (40,000 pages) of information with you (page 10), or substitute more robust programs for the built-in applications so you can accomplish more with your HP 95LX (page 25).

For the many of you that are just starting to make use of the HP Palmtop's powerful built-in capabilities -- check out the articles and tips in our "How To Use" section.

Subscribers will notice several changes in how we present The HP Palmtop Paper material. We have not tampered much with the quality, quantity, or nature of the editorial content (although hopefully you'll notice some improvements). Instead we have worked on the organization and look of the Paper. Our goal is to make the information easier to access and the articles themselves more inviting to read. We did this by adding more graphics, white space, and changing typography. We're always open to your feedback on format or content.

Our thanks goes to advertisers and product developers who have been willing to invest their resources, venturing in to this untried and as yet small marketplace. These individuals and companies enrich The HP Palmtop Paper on many levels and help make the HP Palmtop more useful to you.

Deeply felt personal thanks goes to regular contributors Ed Keefe, Mark Scardina, and Tom Page, as well as to the scores of other HP 95LX users who have shared their insights. These individuals have taken countless hours of their time to share with us their experiences in making the HP Palmtop more useful. We're all indebted.

Finally we thank the 12,000 plus subscribers in 60 countries throughout the world. You are members of an exclusive club, several years ahead of the rest of the world, who daily experience the value of having this technological wonder in your pocket or purse.

Hal Goldstein, Publisher

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The Palmtop Network with its S.U.P.E.R. (Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository) software is now available under the domain name of hp200lx.net.  

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