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Problem Using Diet and Lotus; "Little Green Men Make Noise in the 95LX

Problem Using Diet and Lotus; "Little Green Men Make Noise in the 95LX

You can save a lot of space by using DIET to compress Lotus worksheets (DIET -- see page 17, Fall 91 issue.) However, if you have DIETed worksheets that are linked to other worksheets, you may run into problems. If one worksheet tries to link to another that is DIETed, you'll get an error message. All related worksheets must be decompressed to link. This reduces the usefulness of DIET in TSR mode.

Although the 95LX is a noiseless computer, a very low sound can be heard from the 95LX. If you want to test it, be sure the environment is very quiet and 95LX is in "OFF" position. Keeping your finger on the "ON" key, bring the 95 LX very near to your ear and turn the 95 LX "ON". You will hear a whisper from the 95LX, like a small and light disk turning in the Palmtop. The whisper increases, if you run an application.

Ahmet G. Ozisik

Istanbul Turkey

[The current theory promoted by David Goodman on CompuServe is that "Little Green Men" inhabit the HP 95LX. Dave wrote LGM.ZIP to detect them -- Hal.]

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