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PSILink Messaging Service

PSILink lets your 95LX compose, send, and receive messages via wireless or phone/modem transmission, to Internet, AT&TMail, MCIMail, USENET, BITNET, and other connected global messaging networks.

PSILink provides worldwide dial-up access in over 30 cities in North America and 40 more throughout Europe and the Pacific Rim. PSILink provides wireless access through RAM Mobile Data and paging services through SkyTel/SkyWord.

Dial-up access with PSILink requires the 95LX and a modem, wireless access requires a 95LX, HP's Mobile Data Link cradle, and a GE's Mobidem wireless transmitter. PSILink software for the 95LX provided free of charge to subscribers.

Availability........ Now

Software Medium........ Floppy Disk

Runs under SysMgr........ Yes

Basic Service Fees:

12-2400 bps transmission........ $19/mo

9600 bps transmission........ $29/mo

Wireless options (additional)

One-time registration fee........ $50

Monthly fee........ $50*

(*Flat rate for first 6 months of service if sign up by Dec 31, 1992.)

CONTACT: Performance Systems International, Inc., 11800 Sunrise Valley Drive - Suite 1100, Reston, VA 22091, USA; Phone: 703-6206651; Fax: 703-620-4586.

HP Cradle Accessory Box

This empty black plastic shell is for developers who wish to create a product that interfaces with the 95LX via the HP Mobile Data Link cradle. It comes with drawings for overlays and 2 PCB's to mount internally. Battery compartment can flexibly hold a 9 volt block type battery or 2 AA batteries.

Availability........ NOW


1 to 9 units........ each $12.50

10 to 49 units ........ each $9.95

CONTACT: EduCALC, 27953 Cabot Road, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, USA; Phone: 800-677-7001 or 714-582-2637; Fax: 714-582-1445.

RAM Wireless Data Service

RAM Mobile Data offers a two-way wireless data service nationwide. Based on non-proprietary, open protocols, RAM's Mobitex networks enable subscribers to send and receive data and Email messages via wireless communications. All you need is an HP 95LX, the HP Mobile Data Link cradle, a radio modem such as the SkyStream receiver, and RAM compatible software.

Availability........ Now

Pricing ........ Varies

CONTACT: RAM Mobile Data, Three University Plaza, Suite 600, Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA; Phone: 201-343-9400; Fax: 201-343-8795.

Notify! Lets Desktop Users Send 95LX Wireless Data

Notify! software for Macintosh computers, or DOS and Windows PCs, makes it possible for desktop users with a modem to send calendar appointments, text, spreadsheet data, and E-mail messages to an 95LX equipped with wireless communications system.

For example, a user enters text into Notify!, and the software automatically dials up and sends the message to SkyTel's SkyStream service, which transmits the data to a NewsStream receiver attached to the 95LX.

Notify! also allows other programs, including calendars, spreadsheets and E-mail systems, to automatically transmit data.


Macintosh version........ Now

DOS, Windows versions........ Dec 92

Medium........ Floppy Disk

Runs on PC or Mac, not the 95LX.


Macintosh version........ $149

DOS version ........ $149

Windows version........ $149

CONTACT: Ex Machina, Inc., 45 East 89th St, Suite 39A, New York, NY 10128-1232, USA; Phone: 800-238-4738 or 718-965-0309; Fax: 718 832-5465; CompuServe ID: [76004, 3427]; AppleLink ID: EX.MACHINA.

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