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REVIEWS Want to Change TV Channels With Your 95LX? myREMOTE Can Do It!

myREMOTE turns your HP 95LX into a programmable remote control for your entertainment system.

By Mark Scardina

The HP 95LX is most often thought as a personal productivity tool. This month we will look at a program that has nothing to do with productivity, but does demonstrate the uniqueness of the 95LX. One of the least known features of the 95LX is its infrared transmitter and receiver port. While HP envisioned them to be used for data transfer between two 95LXs, they are never used by the vast majority of owners. Dave Goodman felt that this was a feature that shouldn't be neglected so he developed myREMOTE: universal remote control software for the 95LX.

myREMOTE Features

myREMOTE allows you to use your 95LX to control TVs, VCRs, Stereos, and most other infrared controllable devices. It does this by memorizing the infrared patterns generated by your remote controls and storing them under keys on your 95LX. Up to 100 keys can be saved in one file, which can be loaded whenever myREMOTE is launched.

myREMOTE does not stop there. You can assign a description to each key telling what it does, and you can create macros similar to the 95LX's CHAR-Function keys. These macros can send multiple commands and can even be programmed for prompts, timer or delayed operation. For example, one key press could turn on your TV, turn on your stereo, adjust the sound level of the TV, dim the lights, and go to your favorite channel. While you can purchase dedicated universal remote controls, none have this level of descriptive or macro capability. Besides, myREMOTE gives you the chance to demonstrate the value of the 95LX to your loved one.

Using myREMOTE

Using myREMOTE is a straight-forward process thanks to the sample files included with the program. Upon launching myREMOTE, you are presented with a list of the currently programmed keys. Adding or modifying an entry is performed by simple menu selections. For example, pressing (CTRL)-E puts you in myREMOTE's edit mode, then press T to "train" the current highlighted key. Place the front of your TV or VCR remote control with 1-2 inches of the 95LX's infrared port (right side of case next to the serial port). Press the desired key on your remote control and myREMOTE "memorizes" this command and can save it in a file.

To use your 95LX as a remote control, go into myREMOTE and press the key the command is assigned to, or highlight its description and press (ENTER). In my tests, myREMOTE performed well up to a maximum of 12 feet. I found that the operational distance varied depending on the condition of my batteries. Best performance, as expected, was attained with the AC adapter.

The 95LX with myREMOTE will not work as a remote control with all devices due to the limitations of the 95LX. ACE Technologies, who markets myREMOTE, also provides a free program called REMTEST <ON DISK ICON> that allows you to test your different remotes for compatibility prior to purchase.

While I have reviewed many programs for the 95LX, I can safely say that there has not been one as unique or fun as myREMOTE.

iPhone Life magazine

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