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HOW TO USE: Beginners Support / Most Common Questions

HOW TO USE: Beginners Support / Most Common Questions

In the Fall of 1991, the HP technical support staff provided The HP Palmtop Paper readers with a series of answers based on the questions HP Palmtop users most frequently asked them. One year later HP tech support tells us that other questions are now being asked and some of last year's questions have more up-to-date answers. Once again we thank the Hewlett-Packard Technical Support staff for providing us with the following information.

By HP Technical Support

When do I need a RAM card?

How big of a RAM card can I use in the HP 95LX?

How do I change directories in FILER?

How can I make my batteries last longer?

How long should a set of batteries last?

What is the proper procedure for changing the MAIN and BACKUP batteries?

What is the proper procedure for changing the RAM card battery?

Why did I lose my data when I changed batteries?

How do I save a file?

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