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How do I change directories in FILER?

How do I change directories in FILER?

Move the scroll bar to a listed directory and press (ENTER). This will move you into that directory. To get out of the directory you have entered, move the scroll bar to the top line and highlight VIEW UP. Pressing (ENTER) or (ESC) will take you up one level in the directory tree structure.

To change from the C: drive (internal RAM disk) to the A: drive (RAM card) press (F5) (Goto). Then type A: and press (ENTER). This will give you a list of the files on the A: drive. Return to the C: drive by pressing (F5), typing C: and pressing (ENTER).

A useful feature in the Filer application is the split screen. By pressing (F7) the screen is split. You can view two different directories at the same time. The split screen makes copying files between directories easy. The directories showing on the split screen are default paths for (F2) (Copy) and (F10) (Move) commands.

I get "PACKED FILES CORRUPT" when I try to install the HP Connectivity Pack software on my PC?

At the DOS prompt A:> (or whichever drive has the Connectivity Pack disk), type LOADFIX INSTALL. You may see your DOS 5.0 documentation for information on the LOADFIX command.

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