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How can I make my batteries last longer?

How can I make my batteries last longer?

First, use the AC adapter whenever possible. Applications that continuously update the screen (i.e. Tigerfox), or use the serial port (i.e. Filer or DataComm), use more power than programs that spend most of the time waiting for keystrokes. Use of the AC adapter is especially important with these high power usage programs.

Second, always close the Filer and DataComm applications when they are not in use. These two applications power on the serial port.

Third, when you are finished using the HP 95LX, turn it off. The three to five minute wait before the HP 95LX automatically turns off can add up.

Fourth, if you are running in DOS mode, the serial port is powered on. You can execute the SERCTL /O command in DOS to force the serial port off. See pages B-24 and B-17 for details on these options.

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