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Open up MEMO, type "Now is the time" and press (ENTER). The little "carrot" (^) at the end of the line a "hard return", sometimes called a "carriage return".

It is a permanent termination to a line of text. If the line has 15 characters in it and you press (ENTER), that line will always print or display as 15 characters on a printer or another computer.

In most word processors, the hard return at the end of a line is not visible. In MEMO, when you press (ENTER), the hard return is displayed as the "carrot" (^) symbol. The symbol does not appear when the document is printed out.

MEMO Screen Showing Carriage Return Symbols:  Graphic

 "Word wrap" is a feature that automatically ends a line when it approaches a pre-set number of characters. MEMO's word wrap is usually set to 40 columns (press (MENU) Settings Wrap). MEMO will move the word you are typing to the next line, if it will not fit on the current line. One advantage of word wrap is that you don't have to press (ENTER) to end a line. If you export a MEMO file into another word processor with a different column setting, or send it to a printer after resetting MEMO wrap to 80 columns, a word wrapped document will automatically adjust to the new column settings and display or print properly.

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