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To conserve battery power, the 95LX enters a light sleep mode when it is waiting for keyboard input. DOS programs which poll the keyboard (regularly check if a key has been pressed) but continue to process will still cause the 95LX to go into light sleep mode. Such programs are slow on the 95LX.

For example, suppose you have a program that prepares a report from a database. It has to read information from all records in the database, but the programmers also wanted you to be able to interrupt the program in the middle of a report.

So the program reads a few records, then checks the keyboard, reads a few more records, checks the keyboard, etc. If you run this program on the 95LX, it will take forever to finish. The 95LX will see the constant keyboard polling and assume that the program is idling, just waiting for keyboard input.

To successfully run the program, you'll need to disable light sleep mode, or keep your finger on a key that won't disrupt the program but will overcome the light sleep mode. To disable light sleep mode, you can use HP95CTRL.COM * available on the CompuServe HPHAND forum and on the free 1992 HP Palmtop Paper Subscribers Disk.

Ted Dickens (HP Forum Sysop)

CompuServe ID: [76701,272]

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