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Create HP CALC Graphics

Create HP CALC Graphics

The 95LX offers you an easy and inexpensive way to create your own graphics from within HP CALC by using simple mathematical formulas.

For example, consider the well known formula y = sin(x) and start Function Plotting (press (F10) (Graph)), set the RAD option (press (MENU) Options Radians), set XMIN= O, XMAX= 10,100, YMIN=-1.2, YMAX= 1.2 and XVAR=X. Now your parameter to play with is the Resolution (F10), the number of points to be calculated for a curve.

As you vary (F10) from 179 to 195 or over, as I did, you can watch how dramatically curves will change their character. You will receive the most beautiful patterns worth studying in a time of leisure and relaxation. In case your boss wanders by: It's all mathematics!

Parametric Curves in HP Solver:  Graphic

Plotting Multiple Graphs in HP Solver:  Graphic

 How do you like that N= 189 or 193? Try to plot y = sqrt(x)*sin(x) and see what happens when you change XMAX (F6) and/or F I 0. Find your own formulas.

For those of you interested in theory of mathematics: Because of the wide range of the x-axis values for the y-axis are calculated not from one and only 'hill-and-valley' as usual but are collected 'jumpwise' from 'hills-and-valleys' set widely apart but still following strict mathematical rules and thus not allowing for a smooth connection of all points.

Hermann Schmitt

Winnweiler, GERMANY

iPhone Life magazine

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