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Linear Programming

Linear Programming

In "Through the Looking Glass" (pages 33-35 Sep/Oct 92) Ed Keefe wrote about linear programming (not to be confused with computer programming). He mentioned the no-longer-available Eureka program in this regard.

I've found a better solution for Linear Programming problems. It's currently available, easy to use, handles up to 50 constraints and 25 variables. And, best of all, it's free.

The number-crunching program is called LINSOLVE (ON DISK ICON). It's written by Timo Salmi, who has placed it in the public domain. The version to look for is number 2.8 or later. I found my copy of LINSOLVE on disk #1536 from the PC-SIG Library.

Although LINSOLVE is not designed for the HP 95LX, it works well on the Palmtop PC. I use MEMO to create input files and examine output files. Most of the results appear in the first 40 columns of the screen.

LinSolve takes up 103K bytes of disk space and can be run from FILER (close down other applications, highlight and press (F4) (Run)). The program prompts for the names of the input and output files. It asks you if you want to maximize or minimize and then crunches away.

LinSolve makes Linear Programming a delight rather than a headache. It may not satisfy everyone's need, but it has handled all the problems I've thrown at it while working on my MBA.

Tom Tache

Norfolk, VA, USA

iPhone Life magazine

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