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What's wrong if my printer isn't responding correctly to the HP 95LX p

What's wrong if my printer isn't responding correctly to the HP 95LX print commands?

First make sure that the HP 95LX and the printer are both set to the same baud rate. Then check that the HP 95LX printer driver being used is one that the printer is able to emulate. To check this on the HP 95LX, start the SET UP application by pressing (<Shift>) (FILER) select Printer in the displayed menu. This displays the settings that the HP 95LX is using. Select the appropriate setting for your printer. Use the Serial Cable, part number HP 82222A, and the Serial Cable Adapter Kit, part number HP 82224A, to connect the HP 95LX to the serial printer.

Next, check to see that hardware handshaking is disabled on the printer. This is often done with DIP switches on the printer. Look in your printer manual for instructions. Hardware handshaking is usually done with pins 4, 5, and/or 20. These are not available on the HP 95LX serial port. By disabling the use of these pins, printers are forced to look to pins 2 and 3 for software handshaking communication with the HP 95LX.

Finally, check to see that the printer is set up to receive data in the format that the HP 95LX sends it: 8 bits, 1 stop bit, 1 start bit, and no parity bit.

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