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I get "CANNOT ESTABLISH A REMOTE CONNECTION" when trying to transfer f

I get "CANNOT ESTABLISH A REMOTE CONNECTION" when trying to transfer files from my PC to 95LX with FILER.

Both systems must be running the Filer application for the connection to be established.

The most common cause of trouble is that the Filer on the PC is trying to communicate through COM1 and the serial cable is plugged into COM2. To test this, change the PC's Filer Remote-Set to use the COM2 serial port. To change COM ports from FILER on the PC, press (ALT)-(F10) and select from the top menu Remote-Set, Config, Interface, COM2, Quit, Quit. On the *HP 95LX, the port should be set to COM1.

Another cause of difficulty in making a remote connection is that another program running in the background on your PC has control of the COM port that the Filer is trying to use. To fix this, move the serial cable to another port and update the Remote settings configuration. (To update the Remote settings use the same procedure as in the previous paragraph.) After the port has been changed, try again to get the Filer to establish a remote connection.

If you don't have another port, examine your system to find the source of the conflict. You can most easily do this by booting the system from a floppy disk with the minimum possible CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files. Reboot the system, start APP95, and then try to establish remote connection. If it works, then something in your more complete system set up is in conflict. To find it, systematically add to the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files on the floppy disk each item that may be causing the conflict. Each time you add an item to the AUTOEXEC.BAT or the CONFIG.SYS, reboot the PC, start APP95, and try to establish a remote connection. When the connection fails again, you have found the conflict.

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